Chlamydia Treatments Online – How the Internet Can Help


If you think that you’ve been exposed to the risk of Chlamydia, it can be a worrying time. Not only is there the concern about developing the infection, for some people it can also bring about a lot of complicated emotions that finding out you’ve caught a cold just doesn’t evoke. Sexually transmitted infections, rightly or wrongly, tend to come with a significant amount of stigma and taboo. Thinking that you might have picked one up from a sexual partner can lead to feelings of embarrassment and shame.

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Some people would rather remain anonymous


Those feelings of shame and embarrassment are amongst the reasons why sexually transmitted infections continue to thrive. Not only do many people feel uncomfortable talking about their sex lives with others, the thought of what the testing process might involve can put many people off seeking help and advice. The thought of exposing yourself, both literally and metaphorically, is enough to send a lot of people running for the hills.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which the internet can help to ensure that you get what you need to diagnose and treat the Chlamydia (Hub page) infection. With the guaranteed anonymity and discretion that comes with an online transaction, even those who are most mortified at the idea of getting tested and treated can ensure that they nip any potential infection in the bud.

Getting confirmation

Before seeking treatment, you’ll need to get a test to make sure that you do indeed have the infection. With resistance to antibiotics (6 Chlamydia antibiotics) causing a growing problem in healthcare, doctors are reluctant to prescribe medication to anyone that doesn’t have at least a strong possibility of carrying the Chlamydia bacteria.

If the idea of getting a test at your GP or sexual health clinic fills you with more dread than you can manage, you’re in luck. There are plenty of tests available to purchase online from reputable sources that will give you an accurate result about your infection status.

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There’s no need to despair


The tests that you can get online fall into two categories. For a speedy result, you can get a urine test that will develop a result in around half an hour. Looking much like a pregnancy test, the strip in the testing stick is designed to react to the bacteria that cause the Chlamydia infection.

These tests have been rigorously evaluated and found to be as reliable in diagnosing the Chlamydia infection as laboratory tests. However, this is only the case when there are bacteria in the urine.

For men, this is quite likely. The infection tends to be present in the urethra, the tube through which both urine and semen pass on their way out of the penis, so a urine test will pick up the infection if it’s present. For women, the bacteria are often present in the urine but not always. The urethra is close to but separate from the main areas of sexual contact so it’s not always as reliable a method of detecting the infection.

The other type of test available online can be more reliable for women. The testing kit comes with a swab that can be used to take a small sample of cells from inside the vagina. This is then packaged and sent to the laboratory in what is usually a pre-paid envelope enclosed with the test kit and the results are sent through in due course.

Online treatment

Once you have a test result and you know that you need to treat Chlamydia, you’ll need to commence a course of antibiotics. One way to do this is to visit your doctor’s surgery and get a prescription for the medication you need. You can take your test result to show that you need the antibiotics and writing your prescription should be quick and straightforward.

If you would rather keep your diagnosis strictly between you and the internet, you can also order treatments (2 Chlamydia treatments) online via an online pharmacy. Some websites need you to have a prescription from a UK doctor but others are able to authorise the prescription for you online based on your answers to a set of simple questions. Provided you are not on any medication that will interact with the antibiotics and you are in general good health, an online pharmacy should be able to dispense the medication and send it to you directly.

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Get your treatment discreetly


It is important that you are honest when you answer the questions asked by the online pharmacy. For the sake of your health and wellbeing, the pharmacist needs to be sure that you’re not going to take something that is going to treat your Chlamydia infection at the expense of other aspects of your health. Once the medication (5 Chlamydia medications) has been dispensed, it should be with you in a few days. The short course of antibiotics most commonly prescribed for Chlamydia infection is incredibly effective and tends to wipe out the infection with a 95 per cent certainty. Once you’ve finished your course of treatment, there’s no need to take another test unless you continue to have symptoms. If that is the case, you may need to summon up the courage to visit your doctor and get a full health check to make sure there isn’t another problem that your Chlamydia test has missed.


The internet has provided people who value their privacy or who are worried about visiting their doctor with the opportunity to get tested for Chlamydia and seek treatment online. With online testing kits that equal the effectiveness of those carried out in a doctor’s surgery or sexual health clinic, you can be confident that your test will show up the requirement for antibiotics or give you the all-clear.

If you do need treatment, online pharmacies can take you through the screening process for the prescription of antibiotics and dispense the most appropriate treatment to your chose address without ever needing to see another person. It’s important to remember, though, that if you are worried about other aspects of your sexual health or you think that the treatment hasn’t worked, your GP or local sexual health clinic will be able to provide a discreet and confidential service to offer a full screening and put your mind at ease.

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